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2023-05-19 [97870]
本文摘要:MENLO PARK, Calif. — Facebook’s long-rumored plan to directly host articles from news organizations will start on Wednesday, concluding months of delicate negotiations between the Internet giant and publishers that covet its huge audience but fear its growing power.加利福尼亚门洛帕克——市场早于有传闻称之为,Facebook计划必要公布来自新闻机构的文章。

MENLO PARK, Calif. — Facebook’s long-rumored plan to directly host articles from news organizations will start on Wednesday, concluding months of delicate negotiations between the Internet giant and publishers that covet its huge audience but fear its growing power.加利福尼亚门洛帕克——市场早于有传闻称之为,Facebook计划必要公布来自新闻机构的文章。随着这一互联网巨头与出版商之间为期数月的棘手谈判告一段落,这一计划将于周三启动。

出版商们觊觎于Facebook上的大批受众,但却对Facebook与日俱增的影响力心怀猜忌。Nine media companies, including NBC News and The New York Times, have agreed to the deal, despite concerns that their participation could eventually undermine their own businesses.还包括NBC新闻(NBC News)、《纽约时报》在内的九家媒体公司早已表示同意了这项交易,尽管它们担忧,参予其中到头来不会造成自身业务损毁。The program will begin with a few articles but is expected to expand quickly. Users of iPhones will see glossy cover videos and photos tagged with map coordinates. Most important for impatient smartphone users, the company says, the so-called instant articles will load up to 10 times faster than they normally would since readers stay on Facebook rather than follow a link to another site.必要公布在Facebook上的文章最初会过于多,但其数量应当不会很快多。iPhone用户将要看见精彩的主体视频和标记有地图方位的封面图片。

该公司称之为,对没什么冷静的智能手机用户而言,最重要的是这些所谓的“即时文章”,不会让文章的读取速度比平时慢10倍,因为读者可以待在Facebook上,而不用页面链接、指定另一个网站。Facebook has gone to unusual lengths to court the publishers participating in the project, some details of which were previously published by The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.为了游说出版商参予该项目,Facebook堪称竭尽全力。


时报和《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)对涉及细节皆有过报导。The news publishers can either sell and embed advertisements in the articles, keeping all of the revenue, or allow Facebook to sell ads, with the social network getting 30 percent of the proceeds. Facebook is also permitting the news companies to collect data about the people reading the articles with the same tools they use to track visitors to their own sites.这些新闻出版商可以将各自销售的广告映射文章所在页面,并保有全部收益;也可以让Facebook出售广告,Facebook将用尽30%的收益。新闻公司不会在自营网站上跟踪网站参观者,Facebook还容许这些公司用于某种程度的工具来搜集读者数据。For publishers, the Facebook initiative represents the latest in a series of existential balancing acts. The social network, which has more than 1.4 billion active users worldwide, captures more attention of mobile users — and prompts more visits to news sites — than virtually any other service.对出版商而言,Facebook的这一先例同它以往顾及各方的措施一脉相承。

Facebook在全世界有多达14亿活跃用户,它受到的手机用户的注目,以及向新闻网站降下的访问量,都多达了其他社交网络服务。Publishers have little choice but to cooperate with Facebook, said Vivian Schiller, a former executive at NBC, The New York Times and Twitter who now advises media companies and brands. “That’s where the audience is,” Ms. Schiller said. “It’s too massive to ignore.”曾在NBC、《纽约时报》和Twitter兼任高管,目前为媒体公司以及各品牌获取咨询服务的维维安·席勒(Vivian Schiller)回应,除了与Facebook合作,出版商完全别无选择。“受众都在Facebook上,”席勒说道,“规模过于可观,不容忽视。”But Facebook’s role as a powerful distributor of news makes many people in the industry uneasy. The fear is that it could become more of a destination than their own sites for the work they produce, drawing away readers and advertising.但Facebook变身兼强劲的新闻发行商,让许多新闻从业者深感忧虑。

他们担忧,他们制作的内容不会更好地以Facebook为目的地,而不是自身的网站,造成读者和广告业务的分流。James Bennet, editor in chief of The Atlantic, one of the project’s initial publications, said that publishing pieces through instant articles means “losing control over the means of your distribution.” On the other hand, he said, “we’re trying to get out stories to as many people as possible, and at the same time, continue to build a core, loyal, enthusiastic audience.”《大西洋月刊》(The Atlantic)总编辑詹姆斯·班内特(James Bennet)称之为,用于即时文章功能发布新闻报导,意味著“丧失对发售渠道的控制权”。另一方面,他说道,“我们也在一旁希望地让更加到人看见我们的报导,一旁之后构筑忠心、热情的核心受众群。”Facebook has a long history of changing the algorithm that determines what people see in their feeds. Zynga, the mobile gaming company, built its business on Facebook only to lose much of its traffic when the company changed the rules to make a user’s game activity less visible to friends.长期以来,Facebook仍然大大变更借以要求用户不会在信息流中看见哪些内容的算法。

Zynga是一家倚赖Facebook的手机游戏公司。Facebook变更算法后,用户的游戏活动呈现出给朋友的频率减少了,这一行径曾让Zynga的流量大幅度上升。Last year, Facebook decided to downgrade the prominence of viral content like cat videos and promote “high quality” news content. A month ago, it changed course again to highlight personal posts by users’ friends and family.去年,Facebook要求转变病毒式传播内容(如猫咪视频等)满目均是的局面,要推展“高品质”的新闻内容。

一个月前,它再度变更算法,引人注目了用户的朋友和家人公布的私人帖子。Chris Cox, Facebook’s chief product officer, was unapologetic about the shifting rules. In an interview at the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters, he said that Facebook’s mission was to give its users what they wanted most.Facebook首席产品官克里斯·考克斯(Chris Cox)未因为算法变来变去而深感难过。他在坐落于硅谷的Facebook总部拒绝接受专访时回应,该公司的愿景是为用户获取他们最想的东西。“We see ourselves as first helping people connect with friends and family,” Mr. Cox said. “And second, helping people be informed about the world around them.”“我们指出自己首先要协助人们与朋友和家人互为联系,”考克斯说道。

“其次才是协助人们理解身边的世界。”The Atlantic is going into the Facebook deal with its eyes open, Mr. Bennett said, referring to the prospect that Facebook might be in a position to dictate less favorable terms if its importance to publishers increases.班内特回应,《大西洋月刊》不会在参予Facebook这个项目时保持警惕。他提及,在Facebook对出版商更加最重要时,它有可能就不会借势容忍有利于出版商的条款。

Five American organizations are initially participating in the instant articles project and will publish one item each on Wednesday in the new format: BuzzFeed, National Geographic, The Atlantic, NBC News and The Times.最初将有五家美国机构参予即时文章项目,分别是BuzzFeed、《国家地理》(National Geographic)杂志、《大西洋月刊》、NBC新闻和《纽约时报》。每周三,它们各自都将以新的格式公布一篇文章。Four European outlets are also joining: The Guardian, BBC News, Bild and Spiegel Online. Over time, Facebook expects to add other publishers to the project, which is officially a test, and expand it beyond the iPhone version.还有四家欧洲媒体参予:《卫报》(The Guardian)、BBC新闻(BBC News)、《图片报》(Bild)和明镜在线(Spiegel Online)。


For The Times, Facebook represents from 14 to 16 percent of its web traffic — a figure that has doubled in recent months, according to Mark Thompson, chief executive of The New York Times Company.对时报来说,Facebook代表了14%到16%的网络流量。据纽约时报公司首席执行官马克·汤普森(Mark Thompson)讲解,这个数字在最近几个月翻了一番。“This is a chance to expand and explore whether Facebook can become an even bigger part,” Mr. Thompson said. On balance, the company felt that it was an experiment worth taking part in, he added. Articles on Facebook will not initially count against the 10 free items people who are not Times subscribers are allowed to read each month.汤普森说道,“这是一个不断扩大和探寻Facebook能无法为我们带给更加多流量的机会。”他接着回应,总的来说公司指出这个尝试有一点参与。

最初,Facebook上的文章会算数在非时报订阅者用户每月可以免费读者的10篇文章之内。Facebook is offering publishers new tools to showcase their work, including interactive maps and the ability to post high-resolution photos that readers can zoom into and view from any angle.Facebook正在向出版商获取展出内容的新工具,还包括交互式地图,以及公布高清图片的功能。

这种照片读者可以从任何角度查阅和缩放。“We’re not trying to position Facebook as a replacement for a newspaper, or a radio show that you love, or TV, at all,” Mr. Cox said. “We can be complementary.”“我们几乎不是在企图将Facebook定位成报纸,或者你讨厌的广播或电视节目的替代品,”考克斯说道。

“我们可以有序。”Facebook clearly plays an important role as a gatekeeper to news. Nearly half of American Internet users said they got news about politics and government on Facebook during the course of a week, almost as many as got such news from local television, according to a survey last year by the Pew Research Center.Facebook显著扮演着新闻守门人的最重要角色。

从皮尤研究中心(Pew Research Center)去年的一项调查来看,近一半的美国网络用户回应,一周之中不会在Facebook上提供有关政治和政府的新闻,完全与从地方电视台上收听这类新闻的人一样多。Jonah Peretti, chief executive of BuzzFeed, said the instant articles format enhances the current approach of simply posting links.BuzzFeed的首席执行官乔纳·佩雷蒂(Jonah Peretti)回应,与目前只是公布链接的方式比起,即时文章的格式是一种改良。“The look and feel of this feels more like an app,” Mr. Peretti said in an interview. “I think that our bundle of content will get even more compelling when it loads faster.”“这样的外观和操作者感觉更加看起来一款应用于,”佩雷蒂在拒绝接受专访时说。“我实在,如果读取速度更加慢,我们输入的内容也不会更加有吸引力。

”Declan Moore, chief media officer of the National Geographic Society, said the appeal of instant articles was the speed with which items, even those with complex video and interactive maps, loaded once a mobile Facebook user clicked on them. “The No. 1 thing on mobile is it has to be fast,” he said.国家地理学不会(National Geographic Society)的首席媒体官德克兰·穆尔(Declan Moore)回应,即时文章的吸引力在于Facebook用户在移动末端页面之后,新闻的读取速度,哪怕是那些备有简单视频和交互式地图的新闻。“在移动设备上第一位的是必需要慢,”他说道。National Geographic, which gets about 25 percent of its traffic from Facebook, is one of the most popular news outlets on the service, with 35 million fans. Mr. Moore said that National Geographic had a long history of putting its content on as many platforms as possible.《国家地理》有约25%的流量来自Facebook,也是该平台上最热门的新闻媒体之一,有3500万名粉丝。穆尔回应,长期以来,国家地理仍然都在把自己的内容,输入到尽量多的平台上。


It intends to use Facebook as a way to encourage more people to sign up for membership, he said. Indeed, its first instant article, about bees, will include two ads encouraging people to join.他说道,《国家地理》想把Facebook当作一个希望更加多人沦为会员的途径。实质上,它的第一篇即时文章,就将包括两条希望人们沦为会员的广告,那篇文章是关于蜜蜂的。The New York Times has been cautious about the Facebook program, viewing it as an experiment that could help it learn more about subscribers and potential subscribers who are reading its articles on Facebook.时报仍然对Facebook的项目所持慎重态度,指出这种新的尝试不会协助Facebook更好地理解在其平台上读者时报文章的订户和潜在订户。Unlike many news publishers, The Times generates significant revenue from digital subscriptions as well as online advertising, and the company is keenly interested in finding new ways to convert casual visitors to paid subscribers.与许多新闻出版商有所不同,时报的数字订阅者和在线广告业务建构了大量营收,公司迫切希望寻找新的方法,把有时候采访的读者改变为收费的订户。

The publishers said they did not plan to put more than a few articles a week into the new format, at least at first.参与项目的出版商说道,它们每周只不会以这种新的格式公布几篇文章,最少一开始是这样。Facebook says it wants to be a good partner to news organizations. It began discussing its idea with around 20 publishers last August and tried to address the concerns they raised.Facebook回应,它想沦为新闻机构的好伙伴。

该公司从去年8月开始与约20家出版商辩论这个点子,并企图解决问题他们明确提出的担忧。“We’re starting with something that we think is going to work for some publishers for some articles and for some business models,” Mr. Cox said. “We’re not trying to go, like, suck in and devour everything.”“我们一开始只想做到我们指出对某些出版商的某些文章和某些商业模式管用的东西,”考克斯说道。